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DiscQuartet is a fresh and exciting alternative to a band or disco for any special event. The concept combines a highly skilled and experienced DJ and a line-up of various professional live musicians, playing along with the DJ's original artist recordings. 


The result is a unique musical entertainment experience perfect for providing originality and a vibrant atmosphere to any occasion. Using different configurations of musicians, DiscQuartet can adapt to any environment. It can be customised for any size of venue and for either formal or casual events. It can be either be a background music concept for cocktail style parties or, more often, be the main attraction and take center stage for occasions such as weddings and other large parties.



DiscQuartet standard quartet line up includes four musicians. These include a Percussionist, Sax/Flute Player and Male and Female Vocalists. They play together and over the DJ's music.


Additional musicians can also be added, customising the concept to adapt to any occasion to also include, for example, additional singers or/and musicians playing Lead Guitar, Accordion, or Fiddle.


DiscQuartet’s main appeal compared with a Band is that guests are listening to the superior quality of the original recordings and artists. In contrast to a regular Disco, music played by DiscQuartet is given an element of live performance.  The improvised nature of DiscQuartet makes every performance a one time only affair, original and unique every time. The performers are all able to be spontaneous and improvise and they all share a genuine passion for the DiscQuartet concept. 



Unlike a band, the musicians in DiscQuartet do not need to perform from one stage. They can each be situated in a different place on and around the Dance floor or Venue and often perform from podiums set at each corner of a dance floor.

All musicians are connected wirelessly using professional radio microphones and in-ear monitors, enabling them to roam around the venue and even dance with the guests as they play and perform.



DiscQuartet is perfect for almost all styles of music and particularly soul, latin and jazz. In a lounge environment DiscQuartet will play over a collection of inspiring music from around the globe, including Flamenco & Oriental styles. 


Even popular chart and party music can be incorporated within the concept, though one of the benefits of DiscQuartet is the ability of creating an exciting atmosphere without relying on the usual music most DJ's end up playing at most parties.

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