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DJ Izzi


Matthew Wagner



I provide my own music, DJ controller and Mixer, connecting to the Sound System provided

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As you might expect, I have done my time in various clubbing destinations in Europe and performed the London Club Circuit. However, I guess I can be best characterised as a Corporate & Private Function DJ. With my years of experience, I can confidently claim to be among just a handful of DJs with the ability and versatility to satisfy a diverse range of audiences and events.

It is wonderful to see generation after generation of young DJ’s experiencing the passion and love of music as I did and embracing the ever evolving new technoligies and formats that allow DJ’s to play music. But the skill to be able to read a crowd, especially a crowd that is full of a diverse age range, cannot be purchased with the equipment. Whether a DJ is using turntables, cd’s, laptops or iPods - that skill is something you gain from experiance and that is what you get when I am given the responsibility of entertaining people looking to have the best time ever.


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