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Toastmaster of Exceptional Occasions

I am proud to being taken under the wing by Mr David Collins, trained and qualified to be Toastmaster for Exceptional Occasions. Mr Collins is recognised as an exceptional Master of Ceremonies & Toastmaster and is founder of The Master of Ceremonies Club

Under his guidance, I am quickly establishing myself within this unique industry.

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A Quintessential Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies for Exceptional Occasions


I am a Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies, delivering the highest level of competence in overseeing the smooth running of Weddings, Corporate Events and other Special Occasions.

In my distinctive modern style, I still ensure the traditional characteristics of this unique and quintessentially British Institution are retained.

​Having previously been an event producer and planner for all types of events for almost 30 years, as well as being an experienced presenter and stage performer, it has been a natural progression to establish myself as a Toastmaster. Clearly, my previous experience puts me at a unique advantage.

Another previous experience of mine, further complimenting my skill set for being a Toastmaster, is the three years I served in the military as a paratrooper and combatant.

I have been determined to be more than just any Toastmaster, to establish myself to become one of the few who can be considered as the most exceptional Toastmasters within Britain today. This is the path I am now on.

I have had the good fortune to receive my training and guidance, exclusivley from Mr David Collins. Mr Collins is widely considered as one of the most respected and established Toastmasters in the country, commonly the first to be requested for many Royal & State Occasions in the Capital.

During the period that David Collins has mentored me, I have been privileged to work and gain invaluable experience at many exceptional occasions, taking place at some of the most prestigious Venues in London, and attended by distinguished guests from all levels of society.

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The traditional role of the Toastmaster has always been to maintain proper order and organisation throughout an event. Most people associate the Toastmaster with Weddings, however the role is also relevant for all types of formal occasions. 


The most visible of the tasks He or She performs is to make all announcements and introductions to speeches, however, He or She will usually also oversee the smooth running of all aspects that are part of the Event. 


Over recent years most Toastmasters have adapted their style to reflect the current times. Nowadays they generally tend to be less formal as they might have once been perceived as being. Nevertheless, the Toastmaster is still a traditional element that helps to distinguish the importance of a special event, adding an extra sense of occasion to the day.

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Is a Toastmaster an essential requirement?

For Weddings, the commonly asked question is whether it is essential to have a Toastmaster. The best way to answer this is to consider that a skilled toastmaster is there to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

What does the Toastmaster actually do?


Although there will be key individuals with their own important responsibilities, such as Caterers, Florists, Performers or Photographers etc, without the Toastmaster there may not be someone who takes overall responsibility. Even if there is an Event Coordinator or Wedding Planner, they will typically focus on some of the elements rather than all. It is certainly not an ideal scenario that the Bride or Bridegroom or any key family members need to be disturbed during the event and be required to deal with any issue that might arise. 

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  • The toastmaster will be there to greet the bride and groom when they arrive at the wedding reception.

  • He or she can also help to gather up members of the bridal party for photographs and videos for the official photographer.

  • They will welcome guests, show them where the facilities are, and try and answer any queries they have.

  • Announce the bridal party to the assembled guests.

  • Escort the bride and groom to the top table.

  • Announce grace, and the cake cutting, first dance.

  • Announce the speeches and see they are called in the right order.

  • Bid guests farewell, offer thanks, and anything else that he or she agrees to at the request of the bride and groom.

Someone in Control

Most Brides and Bridegrooms generally feel a sense of calm and relief knowing the Toastmaster is in control and will ensure they are protected from any possible cause of stress.


In many ways, the Toastmaster will be as if a saviour, someone who has relevant experience to efficiently resolve any possible hiccup, should one arise. 

Put simply, while maintaining an unobtrusive presence throughout, good toastmasters give the wedding party and their guests the feeling that they are being looked after and that the event is under control.


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