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 I provide my own music, DJ controller and Mixer, connecting to the Sound System provided

I use the DDJ-1000 Pioneer controller with Virtual DJ.

I can also DJ with Video files, providing an HDMI feed from my Mac.

I am experienced to also act as MC, Annoucer or Compere, if required. 


I’m freaking out.  Though I am in my mid fifties I am still performing as a DJ, since aged 14! That was 1981! My Dad still jokingly asks, ‘What do you plan to do when you grow up?’


I couldn’t have know then, how significant the late seventies and early eighties were as a time for becoming a DJ. I, like many other DJs of my generation, were perfectly positioned in time, to establish first hand knowledge of all music eras. Starting first listening to our own parents vinyl collections from the 50’s and 60’s and building on from them as the music constantly evolved. That can explain why many DJs of my age are still at it and still in high demand - in other words “I know my music and, as if I need to mention, music has always been, and always will be, my passion. I love to DJ.”



As you might expect, I have done my time in various clubbing destinations in Europe and performed the London Club Circuit. However, I guess I can be best characterised as a Corporate & Private Function DJ. With my years of experience, I can confidently claim to be among just a handful of DJs with the ability and versatility to satisfy a diverse range of audiences and events.

It is wonderful to see generation after generation of young DJ’s experiencing the passion and love of music as I did and embracing the ever evolving new technoligies and formats that allow DJ’s to play music. But the skill to be able to read a crowd, especially a crowd that is full of a diverse age range, cannot be purchased with the equipment. Whether a DJ is using turntables, cd’s, laptops or iPods - that skill is something you gain from experiance and that is what you get when I am given the responsibility of entertaining people looking to have the best time ever.



I’m not comfortable to brag about my prestigous client list, but people like to know about some of my highlights, such as past clients including Paul McCartney, Jose Mourinho, Kim Beckinsale, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and, blah blah blah, (too many others to mention) but it truly has been and still is an honour to know that my skills as a DJ are enjoyed, respected and still in demand for, year after year.

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I have to say, what I think is more impressive, even more than all the worldwide destinations I have performed at, or the many corporate clients I have been a DJ for over 3 decades, is that I have been honoured by being chosen by many other DJs, to DJ at their own Weddings or personal events. That is an honour that I am very proud of.



My versatility is that I can either be a cool House DJ or a cheesy chatty DJ. These days I am mostly expected to not speak, but I also happen to be a competent host, compere, presenter or Toastmaster, if and when required too.


This is an underestimated skill that people do not consider when booking a DJ. The ability to communicate with guests, with venue staff and other suppliers at an event, party or special occasion is again, a skill gained from experiance and is an essential ingrediant to a successful event.

“The best thing about DJ’ing is that most of the time it is quite simply, all about the music”



As far as the music goes, I know it, I have it, I play it and I mix it. My entire life is Music whether I am at work, at home or on holiday with my family - Music, old and new is always playing. When I am at work, one client will want me to be playing house classics, or another client will request current commercial dance or pop and another will desire nothing but 70’s or 80’s pop. If a client asks for Arabic, Latin or any other World theme, I am not hesitant to discuss with them in more detial and to go away, do my research and familiarise myself with artists, albums and tracks so I can deliver exactly what the client wants. (and at the same time broadening my music collection - which makes me happy)



 I must mention, I have always been and continue to be an innovator in the world of DJ entertainment, producing a number of ground breaking adaptations of what I, as a DJ, can offer. Fusing the role of a DJ and a live band creating the first ever DJ Band called DiscQuartet, (Disco - Quartet) a concept I created and introduced into the entertainment business over 15 years ago. It was the first and, I believe, still the best DJ and live musician combination. Why? Because unlike today, I brought together world class professional musicians whose musical experiance and reputation in their musical careers where second to none.


VideoTheque, was one of the first ‘all in one’ Video VJ DJ concepts in the world. I claim to own the most comprehensive collection of pop video files, allowing me to DJ with the video as well as the audio track. This concept is still very much in high demand and really adds another dimension to DJ entertainment.

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