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More recently I created a high impact concept called SuperStar DJ Box, which includes a giant LED wall with a hole in the middle, from where the DJ performs. Caberet acts can also perform and guests can literally become ‘Superstar DJ’s’

Continually reinventing the DJ concept is partly why I think I continue to be one of the few constantly working DJs around. It is hard to think of any occasions where I wouldn't have the total confidence to deliver the expectations that my cleint or any audience expected of a DJ.

SuperStar DJ Box is a new creation, a fresh alternative to a Live Function Band or a Mobile DJ.

Like any new revolutionary and groundbreaking idea, it is a challenge to adequately convey the incredible impact and multiple options that SuperStar DJ Box offers to Special Events, especially compared to most Live Band and DJ Acts.

If you have previously experienced the concept first hand yourself, you already get it. 


Otherwise, until you do, the video clips and images throughout this site can only do as best as possible to sufficiently describe how much of an exciting and original innovation the SuperStar DJ Box is. 


Undoubtedly, it is a high impact dance floor entertainment concept, also providing stage entertainment  during dinner.

Designed & developed here in the UK, Superstar DJ Box is essentially a structure built of high resolution LED wall modules, ingeniously reformed to be a unique visual feature from where a DJ performs.

Amongst many other features and capabilities, The box projects a continuous display of, specifically designed, vibrant colour graphics, 3D animations and video effects, complementing and enhancing the DJ’s stage show.

The DJ performs within the box and is visible through a large hole at the front.


Our VJ and DJ perform in conjunction with each other with the DJ situated within a hole at the centre of the Video display.


The Superstar DJ Box is 5.12 meters wide x 3.20 meters high, suitable for large venues and outdoors use. The visuals can incorporate any logo branding, still or video images, and live camera feeds - all adding to the interactive dimension of the concept. It can also display live tweet messages.


Even before adding any of the many exciting add-on options, (See 'OPTIONS' link above), this is an exciting and inspirational experience that will have a memorable impact on all your dinner and dance floor guests at any corporate or private event.

Unlimited Creative Additional Options


The simplicity of SuperStar DJ Box is that it is merely an LED wall, with a hole at the front. The clever bit, and what gives it the potential to be an alternative contender to a traditional function band or DJ, is the bespoke content produced for it. It’s all about the music and bespoke content. These are some examples of what we mean.

Any Superstar DJ Cabaret Show

We can create the illusion of anyone being able to perform as the DJ. So, for example, if an event was themed on the 80s, we can create a prearranged DJ set of 80s classics with 80s relevant themed video content in sync, such as Rubic Cubes, Miners Strike footage etc, and have an 80s icon lookalike such as Margaret Thatcher or Wham,  performing as the actual DJ.  Having Santa as the DJ for a Christmas Party is another obvious example. Please see the video clips on this website of the Queen & Marilyn Monroe performing a DJ set.  It is even possible to have multiple look-a-like DJs performing a range of alternate music themed sets during the event, for example Michael Jackson being the DJ for a Michael Jackson mix or even Kermit the Frog or Blues Brothers for another themed set.  

Live Camera Feed

A roaming Video Camera operator sends a video feed to the DJ of guests within the event and on the dance-floor. The DJ displays the feed within the overall combination of visuals on the screen.


SuperHost DJ & SuperGuest DJ sets

Using a pre agreed playlist, guests can take turns to each perform a 3 track DJ set from within the both. They will be shown how to mix from one song to the next and have the thrill of feeling like a true SuperStar DJ.  It is a truly exciting experience to be the focus of attention and to receive enthusiastic encouragement and adoration from friends and associates who participle on the dance floor as their colleague plays their mix.

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