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VideoTheque is the Premier Mobile Discotheque but with the added facility of being able to bring to life every song with the accompanying Pop Video. The pop video, or any other video content, such as live camera feeds from around the dance floor area, are displayed on various combinations or types of screens within the venue.


With an already established and comprehensive library of almost every music video of every era, live concert footage and musical scenes from all the greatest movies, Videotheque provides a truly mind blowing dance floor experience.

This highly original concept offers even more unlimited creative options to enhance a special event. I can edit and create bespoke video content to enhance any particular theme or to provide further entertainment and amusement. For example, I can play a slideshow of pictures provided or even photos from earlier in the day or evening.


With VideoTheque, I am your professional VJ and DJ.  Of course we will discuss and plan your music requirements in advance. 


The equipment provided in my initial package includes a VJ console and two short throw projectors. The cost for this add-on option is £500.00.


Other Video screens, such as giant video walls, TVs or more advance light effects are provided separately as required, as every event or venue will have its own specific requirements.

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